Carrying a piece of local heritage with every NOBAT bag

Illuminating Tradition with Modern Elegance

Establish in 2020, NOBAT is the brainchild of two artisanal designers with vision deeply rooted in Malaysia's cultural heritage. Our journey began with a mission to illuminate the intersection where tradition gracefully embraces modernity.

At NOBAT, versatility is key – our bags effortlessly transition from daily wear to every occasion, offering a range as diverse as the stories we tell through our designs. The name NOBAT derived from Sanskrit Malay royal language, signifies the majestic drums played when a King is enthroned, symbolizing the regal elegance woven into every thread of our creations.

With love for every detail

Nestled within the threads of our beautifully woven bags is the soul of Malaysia itself. As a homegrown brand, our commitment to preserving the art of weaving more known as “anyaman” extends beyond fashion; it's a celebration of the stories embedded in each pattern.

Versatile bags for daily wear and special occasions

Explore the fine detailing that encapsulates the essence of Malaysia in every stitch. With a NOBAT bag, you carry not just a stylish accessory, but a piece of local heritage that has transcends borders and makes a statement that resonates globally.

Every piece at NOBAT is meticulously handcrafted in-house, distinguishing itself with a commitment to authenticity woven into the fabric of modern life that transcends borders and resonates globally.

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